Ԫѧѡ 15 ( 0111) дѺ Ѹ֡һշ 6
ͧ Connector : If -type ӹǹ 10
. ອ ׺ʹ ç¹ѹ
Choose the best answer.

ͷ 1
1. If I my work in time, I will go to the football match.
   a. Finish
   b. Finished
   c. Finishes
   d. have finished

ͷ 2
2. Tommy.. if he ate all the chocolates.
   a. will be sick
   b. would have been sick
   c. would be sick
   d. had been sick

ͷ 3
3. If he . to me, I should write to him.
   a. Write
   b. Wrote
   c. is writing
   d. had written

ͷ 4
4. .if the bridge broke?
   a. What will happen
   b. What would happen
   c. What happen
   d. What happened

ͷ 5
5. you help me if I need you ?
   a. Would
   b. Did
   c. Will
   d. Do

ͷ 6
6. If they ..us, we would have gone to the party.
   a. Invite
   b. had invited
   c. invited
   d. have invited

ͷ 7
7. If I...... the signal, I would have stopped.
    a. saw
    b. had seen
    c. would see
    d. would have seen

ͷ 8
8. Unless you are dishonest, we .... you long.
    a. won't keep
    b. wouldn't keep
    c. should keep
    d. hadn't keep

ͷ 9
9. If you arrive home early, .the dinner for us.
    a. please cook
    b. cooked
    c. had cooked
    d. will cook

ͷ 10
10. If only your boss had been more reasonable, the workers. on strike.
    a. didn't go
    b. would not go
    c. went
    d. would not have gone