On the telephone

Hello . May   I speak to Joe ,please  ?
Hello. Is Mary there ?
Could I  talk to Ladda ,please ?
Hello ,I'd like to speak to Nuan ,please .
Good morning. Is Mike in ?
Mary speaking.
This is Ladda speaking.
It's Tony speaking.
This is Tony .
    Sorry ,but she 's out.
  Sorry,John is not here.
  I'm afraid she is out.
  I think she has gone shopping.
  Sorry,but she won't be back till 7.
  I'm sorry,she isn't in.
สำนวนที่ว่า "กรุณารอสักครู่ "
Hold the line ,please .
Hang on a moment.
Will you hold the line for a moment ?
One moment, please .
Wait a moment ,please
Wait a minute,please.
May I know who's speaking,please ?
Who shall I say is calling ?
Who is calling, please ?
Who is this , please ?
May I have your name ,please ?
เมื่อบุคคลที่ถูกถามหาไม่อยู่ ผู้รับอาจพูดว่า " จะสั่งข้อความไว้ไหม'
  May I  take a message ?
  Is there any message ?
  Would you like to leave a message ?
  May I give him a message ?
  Will you leave a message ?
   I am afraid you  have   got the wrong number.
                                        the wrong number.
   I'm sorry .Wrong number.
   There's no one by that name here.
   I think you have the wrong number .This is 457-0853 .