I have done (Present Perfect)   I did (Past Simple) 




A.     past  (ʹյ arrived / saw / was )  Ѻҷ診  (yesterday / last / week )

                        past simple + ҷ診






            ʹյ                                й


present perfect (Ѩغѹó have arrived / have done / have been ) Ѻҷ

·        I saw Patty yesterday.  (  I have seen)

·        Where were you on Sunday afternoon?  (  We havent had)

·        We didnt have a holiday last year. (  We havent had)

·        what did you do last night?  I stayed at home.

·        William Shakespeare lived from 1564 to 1616. He was a writer. He wrote many plays and poems.

        past simple  Ͷ  When ?  What time .? 

·        When did they arrive?  (  When have they arrived?)


B.   ººٻ¤仹

Present perfect                                                          Past simple

        ·  I have lost my key.                                             ·  I lost my key last week.

     (= йѹѧѹ辺)

·  Bill has gone home.                                            · Bill went home ten minutes ago.

     (= й)

· Have you seen Ann?                                           · Did you see Ann on Saturday?

    (= й˹)





ʹյ                                                 й                  ʹյ                                           й



·  Have you ever been to Spain?                             ·  Did you go to Spain last year?

    (= 㹪Եͧس ֧й)

·  My friend is a writer. He has written many books. ·  Shakespeare wrote many plays and poems.

     The letter hasnt arrived yet.                               ·  The letter didnt arrive yesterday.

·  Weve lived in Singapore for six years.                 ·  We lived in Bangkok for six years but

     (=  й)                                        now we live in Singapore.