work / working  do / doing   go / going 





A.  work / go / be (infinitive)

      infinitive Ѻ will / can / must ѧ











Ann will be here soon.

Shall I open the window?

I might phone you later.

May I sit here?

I cant meet you tomorrow.

Could you pass the salt, please?

Its late, I must go now.

You shouldnt work so hard.

Would you like some coffee?



do/ does

(present simple

- Ѩغѹó




(past simple

- ʹյŸ)

Do you work?

They dont work very hard.

Tina doesnt know many people.

How much does it cost?


What time did the train leave?

We didnt sleep well.


B.   to work / to go / to be (to + infinitive)


(Im) going to


(I) have to


(I) want to


(I) would like to


(I) used to

Im going to play tennis tomorrow.

What are you going to do?

I have to go now.

Everybody has to eat.

Do you want to go out?

They dont want to come with us.

Id like to talk to you.

Would you like to go out?

Dave used to work in a factory.



C.  working / going / playing


An / is are + - ing

(present continuous

- Ѩغѹŵͧ

was / were + - ing

(past continuous

- ʹյŵͧ

Please be quiet. Im working.

Ton isnt working today.

What time are you going out?

It was raining. So we didnt go out.

What were you doing when the phone rang?