Ҩرѵ  ح͹

Ԫѧ  Ѹ֡һշ  3



A.         Should + infinitive (should do / should watch ) ѧ

            I/we/you/they/he/she/it             should                         do/stop/go/watch                                                             shouldnt

B.                  (You) should do something = (س)÷úҧҧ (= 觴Ͷ١ͧз)

 -     Tom should go to bed earlier. He goes to bed very late and hes always tired.

-          Its good film. You should go and see it.  سٹ

C.         (You) shouldnt do something = (س)÷úҧҧ shouldnt = should not  -         Tom shouldnt go to bed so late. Tom ù͹֡

-          You watch TV all the time. You shouldnt watch TV so much.  سô

D.         ѡ think Ѻ should    

            I think should :

-          I think Kanda should buy some new clothes.

ѹԴҡҹҤëͼ ҧ

-          A: Shall I buy this dress?

B: Yes, I think you should.

            I dont think  should :

-          I dont think you should work so hard.


-          I dont think we should go yet. Its to early.

Do you think should ?.

-          Do you think I should buy this hat?

-          What time do you think we should go home?

E.                  Must դԧйӷչ˹ѡ should

-          Its a good film. You should go and see it. ˹ѧ س

-          Its a fantastic film. You must go and see it. ˹ѧҡ سͧ

F.                  ա˹觷㹤ǡѺ should ought to

-          Its a good film. You ought to go and see it. (= you should go)

-          I think Kanda ought to buy some new clothes. (=Kanda should buy)