too/either so am I / Neither do I

Ҩرѵ  ح͹

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too/either so am I / Neither do I

A.      too either

too either »¤

too ѧӡҺ͡

A: Im happy.

B: Im happy too.

A: I enjoyed the film.

B: I enjoyed it too.

Mary is a doctor. Her husband is a doctor too.  բͧ͡ʹ

either ѧӡһʸ

A: Im not happy

B: Im not happy either. ( Im not too.)

A : I cant cook.

B: I cant either. ( I cant too)

Bill doesnt watch TV. He doesnt read newspaper either. ҡҹ˹ѧ;


B.  so am I / neither do I

      So                                                 am/is/are, was/were, do/does, did

      Neither                                           have/has, can, will, would

So am I = I am too

So have I = I have too() 

A: Im working.

B: So am I.(= Im working too)

A: I was late for work today.

B: So was John.(John was late too)

A: I work in bank.

B: So do I

A: We went to the cinema last night.

B: Did you? So did we.

A: Id like to go to Australia.

B: So would I.  

Neither am I = Im not either

Neither can I = I cant either()

A: I havent got a key.

B: Neither have I.(= I havent either)

A: Ann cant cook.

B: Neither an Tom. (= Tom cant either)

A: I wont (= will not) be here tomorrow.

B: Neither will I.

A: I never go to the cinema.

B: Neither do I.

ͨ Nor (= Neither )

A: Im not married.

B: Nor am I. Neither am I.

ôѧࡵ So am I ( So am I) Neither have I ( Neither I have)