What? Which? How?

Ҩرѵ  ح͹

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What? Which? How?

A.      What + (What colour? / What kind ?)

- What colour is your car?                   - What colour are you eyes?

- What size is this shirt?                                  - What kind of  job do you want?

        What ¹

            - Whats your favourite colour?                        - What do you want to do this evening?

B:    Which + (觢ͧͤ)

-          Which train did you catch -- the 9.50 or the 10.30?

-          Which doctor did you see Doctor Ellis, Doctor Gray or doctor Hill?

        ѡ which ¹Ѻ觢ͧ  Ѻ

-          Which is bigger Canada or Australia?

         Who Ѻ (¹)

-          Who is taller Bill or Gerry? ( Which is taller)

C:   What Which?

       which ҹ֧֡§ҧ Ҩ 2,3 4 ҧ

-          We can go this way or that way.

Which way shall we go?

-          There are four umbrellas here.

Which is yours? 

       What 㹤·ҧ

-          What is the capital of Argentina?

-          What sort of music do you like?


-          What colour are his eyes? Ңͧ

-          Which colour do you prefer, pink or yellow? سͺ˹ҡ ͧ

D: How ?

-          How was the party last night?  It was great.  ҹͤ׹ҧ

-          How do you usually go to work?  By bus Ԥس价ӧҹҧ

       how + سѾ / ɳ(how tall / how old / how often )

                        - How tall are you?                   - How big is the house?