At a restaurant
Waiter :
Greeting     ถามว่า จะรับอะไร ,จะสั่งอะไร
Good morning / afternoon / evening
Are you ready to order now ,sir ?
May I take your order now , sir?
What would you  like to order ,madam?
Have you decided on something ,sir?
Do you wish to order right away?
Would you like to order?
What will you have ?
Customer ;
I think I'll   have  ..........     
Could I have...........
Yes , I 'd like ............
Waiter :  ถามเครื่องดื่ม / ของหวาน

What would you like to drink?
Would you like something to drink?
Would you like to order some dessert ?
Would you like some dessert ?
Waiter : แนะนำอาหาร
May I recommend you our specialty,sir ?
May I make a recommendation ,sir ?
Our roast chicken is very delicious.
Customer :
What 's your  specialty ?            
What do you have that's special ?
  Customer :รียกเก็บเงิน

  Can I have  a bill ,please ?
  Could I have a bill ,please ? 
  Can I have my bill ,please ? 
  Check please.     
  Bill please.   
  I have my check ,please.
  Customer : ถามราคา
   How much is it ?
   How much do I owe you altogether ?
   How much will that be ?