Going to the movies
Pete 's in the theater with Betsy . He's sitting between Betsy and a man with a mustache.
A woman 's sitting in front of him. She 's wearing a hat , and Pete can't see the movie.
A man 's sitting behind Pete. He 's smoking
a cigarette. Betsy 's angry because the smoke's getting in her eyes. And it's illegal !
theater             โรงภาพยนต์
mustache         หนวด
cigarette           บุหรี่
angry                โกรธ
smoke               ควัน
Present continuous
S + v.to be + V.ing +......
This is a scene from the movie. In this scene ,a beautiful young woman 's lying across the tracks .She 's shouting "Help" because a train 's coming along the tracks. It's very near. It's coming round
the bend now . HELP!
scene            ฉาก
beautiful         สวย
young             หนุ่ม,สาว
lying                นอน ,วาง ,ตั้ง ,ถูกทิ้งไว้
track                ทางรถไฟ
bend                เลี้ยว,บ่าย,เบน,มุ่ง
Read the text and answer the question .