A: Complete the questions with How far…? How many…? Where…? or What….?
1. ___ times have you been to Japan? 2. ___ is Srisaket from here? 3. ___ is that machine for?
4. ___ does all energy come from? 
B: Complete the sentences with a / an, some or any.
5. My brother got ___ good news this week.
6. When I finish high school I will go to ___ university.
7. She had hardly ___ money.
8. If you say that someone has ___ eagle eye, you mean that they are very good at noticing small details.
C: Which word has a different vowel?
9.  (a) ear            (b) fealty        (c) gear              (d) nearly
10. (a) kick           (b) night         (c) lift                (d) divine    
11. (a) swam        (b) swamp      (c) rat               (d) dash
12. (a) quite          (b) quilt         (c) pill                (d) crisp
D: Supply correct present simple tense of given verb.
13. She ___ (go)) to school every day.
14. The sun always ___ (shine) in Egypt.
15. I ___ (sit) on a chair and ___ (eat) a banana.
16. Bad students never ___ (work) hard.
17. I ___ (wake up) at seven o'clock and ___ (have) breakfast at half past.
18. The teacher ___ (point) at the blackboard when he ___(want) to explain something.
19. Architects ___ (make) the plans of buildings.
20. I ___(wear) a coat because the sun ___(not shine).
21. The baby ___ (cry) because it is hungry now.
22. "Why ___ you ___ (wash) those clothes this morning?" "Because the sun is shining." I never___ (wash) clothes when there are clouds in the sky.
E: Choose the correct words in bold.
Ex. Ms. Lee wrote a note on my test paper.   She,  Her wanted to talk to I,  me    after class.
23. Nick ate dinner with I, me.
24. Nick ate dinner with Betsy and I, me.
25. I, Me had dinner with Nick last night.
26. Betsy and I, me had dinner with Nick last night.
27. Nick ate dinner with we, us.
28. Nick ate dinner with the Robertsons and we, us.
29. My brother drove Emily and I, me to the store. He didn't come in. He waited for we, us in the car. We, Us hurried.
30. A: I want to get tickets for the soccer game.
     B: You'd better get it, them right way. It, They    is, are    selling fast.        
31. Alex bought a ticket to the soccer game. He put it, them in his pocket and forgot about it, them. The next day he put his shirt in the wash. The ticket came out of the washing machine and dryer crumpled and nearly illegible. But when Alex took it, them to the game, the ticket taker accepted it, them and let Alex in.
32. Please take these food scraps and give it, them to the dog.
A: Complete the sentences with can and can't.
1. A cat ___ climb trees, but it ___ fly.
2. A fish ___ walk, it ___ swim.
3. A dog ___ bark, but it ___ sing.
4. You ___ buy stamps at post office, but you ___ buy shoes there.
5. A tiny baby ___ cry, but it ___ talk.
6. I ___ write with a pen, but I ___ write with a paper clip.
7. I ___ read a book by moonlight, but I ___ read in sunlight.
8. Trees ___ produce oxygen, but rocks ___.
9. Fish ___ live in air, but they ___ live in the water.
10. You ___ store water in glass jar, but you ___ store it a paper bag.
Compiled by: Aj. Sudkedt  Sinturat, Kanthararom School