There are individual sports and team sports. Individual sports, such as running, swimming, hiking, and skating, etc., are more flexible than team sports. You can do them whenever you want to.Team sports are organized physical activities in which a group of people playing together on the same side. Some examples of team sports are soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. Team sports can be fun; they ca n improve you mental and physical health. Also, you can learn important social skills by playing team sports. It's up to you to decide whether you want to practice individual or team sports.
Many people like to practice individual sports because they prefer to exercise on their own rather than join     a team. They can practice running, swimming, skating hiking, etc., whenever they feel like it. Also, they can do them for as long as they wish.
However, many, many teens prefer sports such as soccer, football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. This is because they can make new friends, and improve their mental and physical health. People need to choose the kind of sport that is best for them according to the type of person they are.
By Aj. Sudkedt Sinturat, Kanthararom School