Using a reference words
A: When we want to talk about some person or thing that we have mentioned before, we often use a reference pronoun.
Look at these sentences:
        "Have you seen my brother? My brother is short and fat."
        "No, I haven't seen your brother."
In these sentences my brother and your brother are the same person.
We usually write these sentences this way:
      "Have you seen my brother?    He  is short and fat."
        "No, I haven't seen him    ."
We can use all the pronouns in this way:
        He - him - his,        She - her - hers,                It - it - its,                They - them - theirs
B: This and These, here and there can be use in the same way:
        e.g.   Many people enjoy collecting stamps.     This  is an interesting hobby.
        You can buy many delicious fruits during August.  These  include mangoes, durians and rambutans.
        Many people who visit Thailand say that the people here are very friendly.
        Switzerland has mountains and people go there  to ski.
By Aj. Sudkedt  Sinturat, Kanthararom School