North America
Cold weather will remain in the north east until the end of this week. Snow or rain is possible Friday and Saturday in New York and Washington. Toronto and Chicago will have some snow Thursday and Friday. Showers are possible Thursday in Los Angeles.
A Mediterranean storm will spread rain from southern Italy to Turkey later this week. Snow will fall in northern Greece and southern Bulgaria. A few shower will dampen England, northern France and Germany. Spain will be dry and mild.
Very cold, generally dry weather will move across eastern China, Korea and Japan Thursday through Saturday, The exception will be northern Japan, where some snow will fall. Hong Kong will generally dry and mild and Singapore will have some thunderstorms.
                        High        W
Ankara              6/43         r
Athens              13/55        r
Berlin                3/37         s
Budapest           4/39         s
Geneva              6/43         s
Istanbul             9/48         sh
Lisbon               14/57        s
London              9/48          s
Madrid              12/53         s
Paris                 8/46          s
Rome                10/50        s
Stockholm         1/34         pc
Key: s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy,
c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms,
r-rain, sn-snow, i-ice,W-Weather,
C-Celsius, F-Fahrenheit.
All maps, forecast and data provided by Accu-weather, Inc.
Latin America                Tomorrow
                           High         W
Buenos Aires          31/88      pc   
Caracas                 29/84      sh
Lima                      24/75      pc
Mexico City             24/75      pc
Rio de Janeiro         34/93      pc
Santiago                28/82       pc     
Middle East                        Tomorrow
                             High        W
Beirut                     17/62        r
Cairo                      16/61        sh
Damascus               12/53        sh
Jerusalem               13/55        sh
Luxor                      19/66        pc
Riyadh                    22/71        s
Compiled by Aj. Sudkedt  Sinturat