Four Cities ....Country Data...
January Visit
Jinda:       Hey.
Alex:        Hey,I just got an e - mail from my friend
Jinda:       You're supposed to be working on our country
               data assignment.
Alex:        I know,but Ben's not here yet.
Jinda:       Right. Where does Matthew live?
Alex:        He lives in San Francisco.
Jinda:       Hmm.... So, what does Matthew say?
Alex:        Next January,he would like to visit New York
              ,London or Sydney.
              He cant' make up his  mind.
Jinda:      Maybe we can help him choose. Let's find
              the  information on the Internet.
Alex:       That's a good idea.
San Francisco and New York
Jinda:        Thank you. (taking tea from Alex)
Alex:          Here are the distances from San
                Francisco to each city
                (New York, London and Sydney)
Jinda:        And also the average temperature
               during the month of January.
Alex:         The distance between San Francisco
                and New York  is about 2,600 miles
Jinda:        In January, the average temperature
                in New York is 0 degree Celsius.
Alex:         I don't think he 'll want to go there.
               New York is generally the coldest.
Jinda:       Yes,but New York is the closest to
               San Francisco.
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